CompuServe Gold's premium security features ensure your safety as you browse the web, use email, and more. Not only will CompuServe Gold alert you when you visit a dangerous website, its patented anti-keylogging technology will disguise your keystrokes to anyone that tries to steal your personal information.

Enable or disable the security features on your account

1. Click the Settings button in your CompuServe Gold toolbar.
2. On the Settings window, click the Premium Security tab.
3. Select or unselect the box next to the feature you'd like to turn on or off.

The anti-keylogging window disguises what you're typing

The random letters, numbers, and characters in the top-right is the anti-keylogging window that disguises the actual keys you type on your keyboard with randomly-generated characters. This feature helps prevent criminals from stealing your sensitive data while you are signed into CompuServe Gold.

Hide the Anti-Keylogging window

You can remove the Anti-Keylogging window but we'll continue to disguise your keystrokes for your safety.

1. Click the Settings icon in your toolbar.
2. On the Settings window, click the Premium Security tab.
3. Unselect the Show Anti-Keylogging Window box.

We'll alert you if you're visiting a dangerous website

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to collect your personal information for malicious use by disguising emails and websites so they appear legitimate, tricking you into providing sensitive information. Fortunately, CompuServe Gold is able to detect these dangerous websites and will display a warning letting you know. You can choose to go back to safety (recommended) or ignore the warning and continue to the site. Once a phishing website has been confirmed, it is added to a blocklist that is maintained and made available for public use. This means that the fraudulent website is blocked for you going forward, as well as for others who use CompuServe Gold.

Screenshot Capturing

CompuServe Gold prevents software that takes screenshots in an effort to protect sensitive information. However, you can turn off the Enable Screen Capture Protection setting to disable this feature and take screenshots (not recommended).