When Will Charges Be Posted to My Account?

Charges are assessed to your checking account or credit card on your monthly billing date.  Charges are debited from your checking account after a 10-day e-mail notification is sent to the primary account holder.  Notification is sent on your monthly billing date.  Your monthly billing date is the day of the month when you created your account (for example, if you created your account on the 6th of the month, your billing date will always be on the 6th of each month). Your billing period begins on this day at approximately 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

To find your current monthly billing date, go to the Accounts & Billing area at Keyword: BILLING and click on "Display Your Current Bill Summary". The Current Bill Summary lists your next billing date, any charges that have not yet been posted to your credit card or checking account, the amount of free time that you may have remaining, as well as the amount that you were billed the previous month.

Note: For members on an hourly plan, the free time included in your monthly membership fee must be used within your current billing period. This free time does not carry over to the next billing period.

If you would like to convert an existing account to another billing method, go to the Accounts & Billing area via Keyword: BILLING and click on "Change Your Billing Method."