Simply the best! The monthly membership fee of $24.951 provides you with our most comprehensive and powerful suite of premium services, designed to support and protect your computer, your online needs and your daily life. Get the very best of our support and protection services, both online and off.

As a valued CompuServe member, you’ll get access to our best online security protection available from McAfee Internet Security Suite - Special Edition from AOL2 for up to 3 computers with comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware and hackers. You’ll also be eligible for live technical support by phone, and unlimited dial-up access from CompuServe3.

You’ll also receive the following services:

  • LifeLock Identity Theft Protection4 - A comprehensive 24/7 identity theft protection against one of the fastest growing crimes in America
  • Up to $1250 per year of Extended Computer Protection from AOL5 - Repair or replace your computer in case of hardware failure
  • Norton Online Backup 5 GB - Protect your important files and favorite photos

As always, you’ll receive unlimited access to all of CompuServe’s most popular features that are offered at absolutely no cost, such as email and our all-in-one software.

The CompuServe Total Advantage plan is a great value, saving you about $40 per month over purchasing these premium services separately.

CompuServe Total Advantage - Limitations & Restrictions

1 (CompuServe Total Advantage) Additional taxes may apply. An additional $5 monthly charge will still apply if premium services or additional fees are paid through your checking account.

2 (McAfee) Download at

3 (Unlimited Dial-up) Members in certain areas, including Alaska, may have to pay additional communications charges. If you connect to CompuServe using a dial-up connection, you may incur additional charges on your telephone bill, depending on your location and calling plan. Please check with your telephone company for more information. Minimum system requirements apply.

4 (LifeLock) Should you change to a plan that does not include LifeLock  as a feature or cancel your current plan, you will no longer be eligible for your complimentary LifeLock  subscription. Must be an individual in U.S. 18 or older, who has a valid U.S. Social Security number. This special offer can be changed or discontinued at any time. Social Security Administration. “Identity Theft And Your Social Security Number.” SSA Publication No. 05-10064. August 2009.

5 (Extended Computer Protection) Limitations and exclusions apply.