Get essential CompuServe support and comprehensive virus protection from the latest online threats. The CompuServe Support Plus monthly membership fee of $4.951 plan provides you with live technical support by phone for all your CompuServe account and technical issues as well as comprehensive virus protection with McAfee VirusScan Plus – Special Edition from AOL2† for up to 3 computers.

In addition, you’ll receive CompuServe’s most popular features, such as email and our all-in-one software.

The CompuServe Support Plus Plan is a great value, saving you about $6 per month over purchasing these premium services separately.

CompuServe Support Plus - Limitations & Restrictions

Coming soon.

1 (CompuServe Support Plus) Additional taxes may apply. An additional $5 monthly charge will still apply if premium services or additional fees are paid through your checking account or telephone bill.

2 (McAfee) Download at