Have you noticed something a little off about your most recent bill? It could be due to one of the two reasons below.

Fees resubmitted from a previous month

We’re all human, so mistakes happen. Sometimes a monthly fee for a service isn’t processed. The most common reason for this, though, is when a customer updates his or her payment method to a credit card (for example, from a gold to a platinum card).

In this case, the charge for the previous month of service will appear in the current month, along with the current month’s bill. At first glance, it might look like we’re double billing you, when in fact we’re just billing you for last month’s service because the change in credit card information interrupted our normal process.

Need to update your payment method

If we’re billing you twice for the same service (because the first time we billed you the charge didn’t go through), it’s possible you need to update your payment method. We recommend you update your billing information any time it changes, to avoid any issues like this one with your account.

To view or update your billing information, sign on to My Account with your primary Username and password.